About Make the Ride Happen


Make The Ride Happen (MRH) is a program of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. MRH grew out of a 2004 community-wide meeting that first raised the need for additional transportation options for the elders in our community. This effort was done with the support of ThedaCare and its Community Health Action Team (CHAT), which studied in detail how an individual would navigate the existing services.

While much effort has been invested in increasing transportation options and a lot of progress has been made, the 2011 Life Study continues to hold up transportation needs in several areas.  The study cites both “needs of elderly relative to transportation” and “continuing to support transportation options for those without cars” as opportunities for improvement. The study details the needs of older adults in life at home by saying, “major barriers to successful independence of older adults include society’s emphasis on technology, insufficient access to accessible and low-maintenance housing, and challenges of transportation, especially for poor older adults who are likely to live alone.”

Since program commencement in 2004, there has been one essential task of the project team. This is to identify those individuals who fall between the cracks as related to existing transportation options (including Valley Transit, Go Transit and their respective paratransit programs) in the tri-county area and to find them a safe ride at a reasonable cost.

Make The Ride Happen identifies those un- or underserved individuals in the community, and coordinates with other local providers of transportation services. This program ensures that services are being provided to individuals in a way that complements rather than duplicates any existing services.

Our Mission

To make the ride happen for older adults and individuals with disabilities so they can remain active and involved in their community.

Our Vision

Create one central location with comprehensive information, where older adults or individuals with disabilities can find a ride for their needs within a reasonable time. The Make The Ride program aims to aid those individuals who reside in Outagamie, Winnebago, and Calumet Counties.


Make The Ride Happen, is committed to ensuring that no person shall be excluded from the equal distribution of its services and amenities because of race, color or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Our full program policy and complain procedure can be found in the Make the Ride Happen Title VI Plan.

For Program Title VI information, click here.